Seabirds of the World

Secret Realm of the Oceans' Wanderers

Published by New Holland

The rarely seen and exciting world of seabirds is illustrated in all its glory in this new book from renowned wildlife photographer David Tipling, who has trekked to remote and beautiful locations around the world – from Antarctica to the Arctic and many points in between – to capture birds in their natural habitat going about their daily lives. Moments rarely caught by humans have been preserved on film and reproduced in glorious full-colour images.

Seabirds of the World showcases 150 amazing photographs of seabirds in the wild. It covers families such as gannets, cormorants, petrels, albatrosses, shearwaters, skuas, gulls, terns, tropicbirds, penguins and auks including the endearing puffin. Chapters are arranged in subjects such as courtship, breeding, feeding, migration, and so on.

The many beautiful images come straight from the authors' own collections which have been built up over many decades. Seabirds of the World is a celebration of these birds and a photographic study that is sure to captivate any bird lover or wildlife photography enthusiast.