Threatened Birds of the World

A unique publication, aimed at helping you save birds from extinction

A shocking 1.186 bird species risk becoming extinct in the next 100 years. Even worse, 182 of these are Critically Endangered - meaning they could be extinct in just 10 years.

Which birds are threatened? What do they look like? Where are they found? Why are they threatened? What needs to be done? Threatened Birds of the World provides you with all this information and much more…

The good news is that there are many opportunities to help these species. Threatened Birds of the World highlights these, providing full information on each species. The challenge for us all now will be to use these facts and figures to ensure that action takes place before it is too late.

Full colour throughout, technical information is provided in a highly visual and understandable format using hundreds of illustrations, maps, graphs and charts. A detailed species account is provided for each of the 1.186 Globally Threatened bird species. Information is also provided on a further 727 species classified as Near Thretened.

An introductory chapter gives information on the extinction crisis, the use of birds as indicators of biodiversity and in ecosystem conservation. Analyses show where threatened birds occur, territories with the highest numbers, principal habitats, key issues to tackle and conservation action targets. Illustrated with pie charts, histograms and examples, this information is easy to assimilate, understand and use.

Threatened Birds of the World can be used to:

  • focus conservation action, conservation plans and expeditions;
  • help shape conventions and influence policies;
  • improve the focus and reliability of environmental impact assessments;
  • monitor the environmental changes and impact of conservation actions;
  • ensure confident targeting of scarce funds and resources at species, sites and habitats.