Where to Watch Mammals in Britain and Ireland

Published by Christopher Helm

Britain's mammals are relatively few in number, but include some notoriously hard-to-see, yet wonderfully charismatic species. There can be few people with even a passing interest in wildlife who would not want to see otters, red squirrels, bottle-nosed dolphins of Scottish wildcats. Even commoner species like the badger, roe deer and brown hare can be difficult to see without specialist knowledge. This new guide provides sites and useful information to enable the reader to find and observe every British and Irish mammal species, including all marine mammals.Taking a species-by-species approach, the accounts give some background detail on the range, population and habits of the species, before providing a list of sites were that species can be seen. As broad a geographic as possible is given to maximise the chances of the reader finding a site local to them. The sites are mapped where appropriate, and the text is enlivened by a number of attractive line drawings. Introductory chapters cover general topics such as fieldcraft, equipment, and relevant legislation and good practice. This is an invaluable guide for anyone who wants to watch wild mammals in Britain and Ireland.