De Amazonia a Patagonia

Ecología de las regiones naturales de América del Sur

The water forests of the Chocó, the fires of Cerrado, the ichu of Andes, the oases of Atacama, the quironchas clouds of Los Llanos, the Patagonian Tehuelches… the extensive scope and ambitious character of this work make it a basic source of reference for anyone interested in South American nature.

A mixture of ecology, geography and ethnography brings a fresh and dynamic perspective to each of the big natural regions of south America, and is ideal for the curious traveller, the naturalist or the scientist with a wider vision. In addition to the splendid photographs and maps in each chapter, an informative text contains a vast quantity of precise and accurate information.

The book allows us to become familiar with the lesser known regions like the Caatinga or the Chocó, and the information it contains is the key to understanding and conserving the natural and human environment of South America.

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