Choice Magazine, February 2014, by D. A. Rintoul

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Handbook of the birds of the world: Special volume: new species and global index, [ed.] by Josep del Hoyo et al. with Bret Whitney et al. Lynx Edicions, 2013. 812p bibl indexes ISBN 9788496553880, $191.00.

This volume, which completes the Handbook[s] of the Birds of the World collection (v.1-2, CH, May'96, 33-5102; v.16, CH, Jul'12, 49-6288), is an excellent capstone for the series. Since the publication of the first volume in 1992, scientific understanding of avian diversity and classification has advanced considerably, and this volume celebrates those advances. It includes an excellent summary of avian conservation efforts and a welcome and detailed summary, by Jon Fjeldså, of the current state of avian classification schemes. New bird species discovered since 1992 and not included in previous volumes are covered and, most exciting of all, the book contains the first description of 15 new species from the Amazon Basin. The last time that such a large number of species were described at one time was in the 19th century. It seems that the world is still in the age of discovery of new bird species. Finally, a global index for all the previous volumes is available, as well as an amazing series of artistic photographs of birds from around the world. This volume is indeed special; it will find a welcome home in personal, university, and collector libraries worldwide.

D. A. Rintoul, Kansas State University

Summing Up: Essential. All levels/libraries.