Mammalia,Vol.76, Nº 2, 2012, p.231

Handbook of the Mammals of the World. Vol. 2: Hoofed Mammals Edited by Don E. Wilson and Russell A. Mittermeier Lynx Edicions, Bellaterra (Barcelona), 2011,885 pp. Price: €160.00 ISBN: 9788496553774

Modeled on the definitive reference resource Handbook of the Birds of the World, this new series devoted to the class Mammalia will be certainly, as its companion is, an unprecedented reference with authoritative information. Planned in eight volumes and due to be published biannually, this Handbook of the Mammals of the World will describe and illustrate every living mammalian species on the earth. The first volume, published in 2009, was devoted to carnivores. The subject of the second volume is "Hoofed Mammals", written by international and expert authors. Under this designation, 17 families in six orders are covered here. Indeed most of the studied species are related, as those presented in Order Perissodactyla and Artiodactyla, but those covered by Orders Tubulidentata, Hyracoidea, Proboscidea and Pholidota are less related and studied in this volume more for comparison than evolutionary relationships.

Each order is introduced by the up-to-date information on its taxonomy, ecology and biology. We can read accounts on systematics, morphological aspects, habitat, general habits, communication, food and feeding, breeding, movements, home range and social organization, relationship with humans, status and conservation. Many color photographs, distribution maps and also an important bibliography of 60 pages complete this important work.

This book and those of the series must be on bookshelves of every mammalogist! Volume 3 will be devoted to primates.

Evelyne Bremond-Hoslet

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