Handbook of the Mammals of the World Survey


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mid-November 2015.

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Your opinion will help us plan the contents for Volume 6, devoted to Lagomorphs and Rodents.

We knew the rodents would be a challenging group within the HMW series, not only due to the staggering number of species involved, but also because of the lack of information on many of these. We roughed out a plan to treat them all in one volume, even including the lagomorphs alongside, giving them a “lighter” treatment than other groups basically because we thought there would not be enough data to prepare detailed texts, maps and illustrations for all of them. We hoped to be able to give genus-level information in the texts and illustrate the most well-documented species of the genera-heavy families, but without the species-by-species coverage typical of the series.

But, during the time that has passed since that original planning phase, mammalogists have been hard at work on rodents! We now see that a more complete treatment of the rodents, albeit challenging, is feasible. Our goal would be to treat each species with a text with the available details, a distribution map and an illustration, in addition to the photo-rich family texts. With this, we could surely produce two high-quality (and quite hefty!) volumes instead of one.

We are ready for the challenge, but the most important factor is your opinion. Here we invite you to cast your vote and receive the print on the right as a gift!

Should we summarize the lagomorphs and rodents in one volume with less coverage or expand the treatment in two more-detailed volumes?

These are the proposed two volumes for Lagomorphs and Rodents:

  Volume 6: Lagomorphs and Rodents I

  Volume 7*: Rodents II


  • 2 families, 12 genera, 92 species


  • Suborder Castorimorpha: 3 families, 13 genera, 109 species
  • Suborder Anomaluromorpha: 2 families, 4 genera, 9 species
  • Suborder Hystricomorpha: 17 families, 72 genera, 285 species
  • Suborder Sciuromorpha: 3 families, 61 genera, 307 species

ORDER RODENTIA (continued)

  • Suborder Myomorpha (mouse-like rodents):
    9 families, 326 genera, 1586 species


*The remaining volumes of the series would, thus, be Volume 8: Insectivores and Volume 9: Bats.