Portfolio 1 – Fotografías e historias de aves extraordinarias

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✍️ Rafael Armada

This is the first book produced by Rafael Armada and has been shaped by over three decades of keen observation and photography of birds, offering a glimpse into a seldom-told natural world, a visual journey to some places on Earth you may never have heard of before. Through Armada’s lens, you will traverse the farthest reaches of the globe, from the lush Colombian rainforests to the unforgiving icy landscapes of Antarctica, navigating the subantarctic waters of New Zealand and exploring remote archipelagos in the Atlantic and Pacific. This volume spans over 150 pages, divided into three thematic chapters, and its generous dimensions and use of high-quality materials enhance the reader’s visual experience.

In Portfolio 1, Armada presents an impressive collection of pictures, showcasing multiple award-winning photographs recognized for their uniqueness and demonstration of expertise. However, this compilation goes beyond merely showcasing stunning images. Some of the birds depicted here are elusive and rarely photographed species, and many of them face some degree of threat, with some being critically endangered. Each photograph is meticulously accompanied by references regarding the species and location. It delves into the narratives behind the species—highlighting their behaviours, habitats, and threats—and the history of the visited locations, making this book a comprehensive and inspiring resource for birdwatchers, nature enthusiasts, and adventurers alike. Portfolio 1 features a diverse array of both common and rare bird species, and their unique stories elevate them to the extraordinary.

This work enriches any collection, extending an invitation to seasoned birders and newcomers alike to appreciate the beauty and importance of the natural world, and it inspires everyone who connects with the images and stories to protect these invaluable ecosystems.

Portfolio 1 – Fotografías e historias de aves extraordinarias transcends the conventional boundaries of a book; it unfolds as an adventure, an invitation to rediscover nature through fresh eyes.

Text in Spanish. Also available in English.

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