Biología, comportamiento y evolución


✍️ Miquel Llorente Espino

Published by Lynx Edicions in collaboration with IPRIM

Primates. Biología, comportamiento y evolución (Primates: Biology, Behaviour and Evolution) aims to open up primatology to students, professionals and all those interested in learning about the behaviour, biology and evolution of non-human primates.

Over eight chapters, the reader is presented with an introduction to primate behaviour, evolution, taxonomy, behavioural ecology, ontogenetic development, sexual behaviour, social behaviour, cognitive ability and cultural traditions. The content – rigorous and comprehensive but presented in a straightforward, readable way – provides for those who seek a first contact with primatology, or an up-to-date review of the discipline. The book features photographs, illustrations and diagrams to enhance understanding of the text.

Text in Spanish

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