Josep del Hoyo and Lynx Edicions featured on TV!

October 2012.

Josep del Hoyo, doctor and ornithologist, just received last September the Prize for the Conservation of Biodiversity, awarded by the BBVA Foundation, for his work as editor in the Handbook of the Birds of the World, the world’s most complete bird encyclopedia, key work on ornithology. Its editorial quality has turned it into a critical and public success. In this report we show you the professional career of Josep del Hoyo, who has taken him around the world to look for birds, and to create the Lynx publishing house. Together with testimonies from his partner and friend, Jordi Sargatal, we will enter Lynx and learn about the new challenges the publisher will face in the future, such as the “Handbook Alive”, the “Internet Bird Collection” and a new collection on mammals of the world.

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