European Breeding Bird Atlas 2

Distribution, Abundance and Change

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✍️ Verena Keller, Sergi Herrando, Petr Voříšek, Martí Franch, Marina Kipson, Pietro Milanesi, David Martí, Marc Anton, Alena Klvaňová, Mikhail V. Kalyakin, Hans-Günther Bauer & Ruud P.B. Foppen

This book presents information on all species reported to breed in the study period. A total of 556 species are treated with a full species account including maps, text and an illustration. Full species accounts include 50×50 km maps (usually showing abundance data), modelled distribution maps with a resolution of 10×10 km (for 222 breeding birds) and change maps (comparing current distribution with that obtained 30 years ago). All these data document the state of the European breeding avifauna using the most rigorous scientific approaches with the final aim to encourage the effective conservation of birds and their habitats.

Published as a partnership between the European Bird Census Council (EBCC) and Lynx Edicions

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