Atles dels ocells de Catalunya a l’Hivern 2006-2009

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✍️ Sergi Herrando, Lluís Brotons, Joan Estrada, Santi Guallar, Marc Anton

🎨 Illustrated by Martí Franch

Ornithological atlases are often one of the best ways of improving knowledge and management of a country’s avifauna. To date two breeding-bird atlases have been published in Catalonia (1984 and 2004), but a winter atlas was lacking, despite the importance of this season for many local breeding species and migrants from central and northern Europe. Thanks to the work of over 1,000 contributors, this Catalan Winter Bird Atlas 2006-2009 is one of the most important collective contributions to the knowledge of biodiversity in Catalonia to date and becomes a reference reaching far beyond its limited territorial scope.

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