Handbook of the Birds of the World – Volume 12

Picathartes to Tits and Chickadees

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🖊️ Edited by Josep del Hoyo, Andrew Elliott, David A. Christie

An interesting Foreword by Kevin Caley on fossil birds which reveals, for example, that fossil remains exist of around 2,000 extinct species of the approximately 1,600,000(!) that have existed in the 150 million years there have been birds on Earth.
This volume covers 15 families, mostly Asiatic, Australian and African species, but also North American ones. It begins with the beautiful and mysterious picathartes of tropical Africa, and continues with the diverse and numerous group (309 species) of the babblers and the diminutive parrotbills of Eurasia. Then we make a long visit to south-east Asia and Australasia with the terrestrial Australasian babblers, logrunners and jewel-babblers, the trusting whistlers, the chubby Australasian robins, the long-tailed fairy-wrens, the threatened bristlebirds, the very vocal thornbills, the Australian chats in their open spaces, the hyperactive sittellas and the Australasian treecreepers. The volume closes with the tits & chickadees, a widely distributed family which includes some of the best-studied species in the world, such as the Great Tit.

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