Handbook of the Birds of the World – Volume 2

New World Vultures to Guineafowl

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🖊️ Edited by Josep del Hoyo, Andrew Elliott, Jordi Sargatal

This volume, boosted by the spectacular reception given to Volume 1, benefits from the internationalization of the authors (19 experts from 16 countries), and the incorporation of prestigious illustrators who greatly contributed to the improvement and consolidation of the project.
It begins with a Foreword by Walter J. Bock on the taxonomic aspects of HBW; this is followed by an introduction explaining the organization of the information and what is new with respect to the previous volume.
The book covers the orders Falconiformes (5 families) and Galliformes (7 families), and will be of special interest to those with a passion for raptors (Osprey, hawks, eagles, falcons, caracaras), but also to any lover of birds, as it includes other families from the Americas (New World vultures, chachalacas, guans and curassows , turkeys, New World quails), from Africa (Secretarybird, guineafowl), from Australasia (megapodes), and families with more extensive distributions (grouse, pheasants and partridges).

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