Illustrated Checklist of the Mammals of the World


🖊️ Edited by Connor J. Burgin, Don E. Wilson, Russell A. Mittermeier, Anthony B. Rylands, Thomas E. Lacher & Wes Sechrest

🎨 Illustrated by Toni Llobet (main artist), Ilian Velikov, Lluís Sogorb, Faansie Peacock, Alex Mascarell, Francesc Jutglar, Blanca Martí, Stephen D. Nash & Jesús Rodríguez-Osorio

A boxed set of two volumes.

It took several years to produce the entire series of the Handbook of the Mammals of the World (HMW), and we are now happy to provide a new, comprehensive Illustrated Checklist of the Mammals of the World. This latest work updates the taxonomy of each currently recognized species of mammal, providing a complete checklist in a set of two volumes.

The new illustrated checklist incorporates all recently published revisions in new, brief species accounts for each species. In addition to the updated scientific name of each species, each account includes common names in English, French, German and Spanish, and the IUCN Red List Conservation Category. Taxonomic notes incorporate recent changes, and updated distributions are also included. If subspecies are recognized, they are updated along with their current distributions. Accompanying each species account is a scientific illustration in full color, adapted from the earlier volumes, along with a revised distribution map.

If you own the entire set of HMW, you will want to add this latest set of volumes to provide up-to-date coverage of all currently recognized species, including recently described forms. The Illustrated Checklist of the Mammals of the World also works well as a complete, stand-alone summary of the current taxonomy and distribution of every currently recognized species of mammal.