Récords y curiosidades de los dinosaurios

saurópodos y otros sauropodomorfos


✍️ Rubén Molina-Pérez, Asier Larramendi

The sauropods form one of the three great groups of dinosaurs that inhabited the planet for millions of years, and they represent the largest land animals that have ever walked the face of the earth. Some of them approached today’s largest whales in weight, and a few were nearly four times as tall as today’s giraffes. This set of dinosaurs, the sauropodomorphs, were true record-breakers, even among the most primitive groups.

This book is a unique compendium of facts and figures on all known sauropod species and their close relatives, from the largest—like the famous Brachiosaurus that weighed as much as four buses—to the smallest—like Pampadromaeus whose size was comparable to that of a hen—including many other records, such as the oldest, most recent, most intelligent and rarest. In short, this is an essential work for anyone interested in dinosaurs.

Text in Spanish.

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