Sinagote, the biography of a spoonbill

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✍️ Theunis Piersma, Petra de Goeij, Willem Bouten, Carl Zuhorn

This book tells the story of a spoonbill we have called Sinagote, a female bird born on the island of Vlieland, in the Netherlands. In her name she carries the words ‘Sina’, the Breton name of the village in Britanny she returns to every autumn, and ‘gote’ which means ‘girl from’.

This story is about more spoonbills than just Sinagote. It’s even about much more than spoonbills and the connections between them. It’s also about the connections between countries in Europe and Africa, between the people who live and work there, who have an affection for spoonbills and work for their well-being. Part love story, part success story, Sinagote, the biography of a spoonbill describes the importance of looking beyond our national borders in the protection of migratory birds.


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