One Book, All the Birds

Lynx Edicions is proud to present an absolutely unique book – the easiest and most enjoyable way to browse through all the birds of the world.

For the first time ever, you can contemplate All the Birds of the World together in a single, easy-to-use volume with beautiful, high-quality illustrations and updated distribution maps for all the bird species of the world. ALL of them! That includes both living and extinct birds, for an awe-inspiring total of 11,524 species, for only 65€ (c. US$77.00)!

  •  Every taxon accepted as a species by any of the four major world lists: 11,524 in total.
  • 20,865 illustrations covering sexual dimorphism, morphs and many distinctive subspecies
  • 11,558 distribution maps, with notes on altitudinal ranges.
  • Species-by-species comparison of the taxonomic treatment by the four major world checklists that classify all the birds of the world: HBW and BirdLife, eBird/Clements, the IOC and Howard and Moore.
  • English and scientific name listed, as well as alternative names where helpful, including all of those used by eBird.
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