Birds of Vietnam

2nd Edition


✍️ Richard Craik, Lê Quý Minh

📚 Lynx and BirdLife International Field Guides Collection

Vietnam, home to rare secretive pheasants, jewel-like pittas, spectacular laughingthrushes and enigmatic babblers, is Asia’s most exciting new birding destination. A global biodiversity hotspot, Vietnam boasts 16 endemic species and subspecies groups, and a further 42 near-endemic species and subspecies, the largest number of any country in mainland South-East Asia. This book, the first comprehensive modern field guide dedicated to Vietnam’s rich and diverse avifauna, describes all 928 species in text, illustrations and distribution maps.

Fully updated second edition with new additions to the Vietnam country list and the latest global conservation status for each species following the IUCN Red List.

Due late summer 2024.

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