Handbook of the Mammals of the World – Volume 9



🖊️ Edited by Don E. Wilson, Russell A. Mittermeier

🎨 Illustrated by Ilian Velikov, Alex Mascarell Llosa, Lluís Sogorb, Blanca Martí de Ahumada, Francesc Jutglar, Faansie Peacock, Jesús Rodríguez-Osorio Martín

Published by Lynx Edicions in association with Conservation International and IUCN

We’ve saved the best for last! Volume 9 completes the Handbook of Mammals of the World series, and it deals with the bats, order Chiroptera.

Our knowledge of bats has exploded in the past two decades, and all of that information is reflected in this volume. The number of recognized species has increased by more than 400 during that time and is still growing. Bats occupy almost every habitat on six continents and their ecology is incredibly diverse. Pollinators and seed dispersers for thousands of species of plants, bats are critical for the maintenance of tropical ecosystems.

As always, the text includes up-to-date information on every species, and each one is carefully illustrated. The family accounts include color photographs documenting a variety of behaviors of these interesting mammals.

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