Aves de Europa – Identificación de todas las especies y plumajes

✍️ Nils van Duivendijk; 📷 Marc Guyt/AGAMI

There are plenty of bird identification guides for Europe, but this handbook is unique in its approach; it is a hybrid between a field guide and the extended identification literature. Having both the clear character of a field guide and all the information about moulting, age and sex, this book is an indispensable addition for every birdwatcher.

By depicting exactly what is important for identification, this handbook is clear and practical. It combines information aimed at identification drawn from numerous books and articles, as well as the authors’ extensive field experience. All recognizable phenotypic variations are treated, with all characteristics pictured in the best possible photos and clearly indicated and labelled with concise texts.

Spanish edition of the prestigious Handboek Europese vogels – Alle kenmerken in beeld, translated by Marcel Gil-Velasco and Daniel Roca.

Set of two volumes, with c. 1050 pages and 5500 images.

Text in Spanish

Due Autumn 2024. Thank you for your patience.

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