Handbook of the Birds of the World

Set of 17 volumes

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🖊️ Edited by Josep del Hoyo, Andrew Elliott, Jordi Sargatal, David A. Christie

The Handbook of the Birds of the World series is an unparalleled achievement in ornithology, offering an exhaustive and meticulously detailed account of every known bird species. This monumental collection, the first of its kind, spans 17 volumes, comprising 16 main volumes and a Special Volume that supplements them. It is an essential resource for ornithologists, bird watchers, and nature enthusiasts, providing a comprehensive and beautifully illustrated overview of avian diversity.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: The HBW Series is the only work to date that covers all known bird species, detailing their physical characteristics, behaviors, habitats, and conservation statuses.
  • Global Collaboration: Contributions from 277 authors and 1,151 photographers across 40 countries bring together the expertise and insights of the world’s leading ornithologists and naturalists.
  • Stunning Illustrations: With 1,031 plates and 20,617 figures, each bird species is depicted with meticulous detail. The illustrations include both sexes, color morphs, and subspecies, painted by a team of more than 30 renowned artists.
  • Invaluable Knowledge: Spanning 13,367 pages and containing about 15 million words, the series sets new standards in ornithological literature with extensive, rigorous, and accessible information.
  • Special Volume: The Special Volume includes descriptions of new species discovered since the publication of their respective volumes, a practical global index, and much more, making it an indispensable addition to the collection.

The Handbook of the Birds of the World is not only a prestigious addition to any library but also an invaluable resource for anyone passionate about birds and the natural world. Each volume offers an in-depth exploration of avian diversity, combining scientific accuracy with artistic beauty to create a timeless reference work.

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